Neuropathy Therapy

Neuropathy, regardless of its cause, is difficult to treat and even more difficult to live with.

Would you like to do things you used to do? You can! Because nerves can heal and resume function!

Whatever the cause (e.g., residuals from an illness, elevated blood sugar levels, pinched nerves, environmental toxins, oxygen deprivation, etc), with neuropathy the normal nerve impulses no longer pass from nerve end to nerve end. The brain reacts to these “short-circuits” by ignoring the disrupted signals and various sensations of numbness, tingling, burning and pain result. Over time, these sensations can become severe and the negative impact on daily activities increases.

Neuropathy pain is a nerve communication problem. Nerves use electrical impulses to communicate with the brain. Therefore, neuropathy is an ultimately electrical problem.

Our neuropathy treatment uses state-of-the-art electric therapy to “re-set” the nerves. This method effectively reduces and/or eliminates the symptoms of neuropathy by retraining the nerves to communicate. At the same time it is inducing steady and rhythmic muscle contractions which stimulates an increase circulation leading to a reduction in edema (swelling) and built up toxins while providing nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to the nerves.

Our bodies are capable of and want to heal themselves. Through our neuropathy treatment and chiropractic care we are providing them the tools to do so.

  1. Drug-Free
  2. Non-Invasive
  3. Doesn't Mask Symptoms
  4. Improves Nerve Function
  5. Increases Circulation
  6. Reduces/Eliminates Edema
  7. Reduces/Eliminates Pain
  8. Allows The Body To Heal

You may even be able to reduce or discontinue prescribed medications under your physician's guidance.

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