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If so, please check out our video then keep reading. I’m going to tell you about a revolutionary new treatment program that can dramatically reduce your knee pain and improve your mobility. Many people we have helped come here answering YES to these questions:

• Do you take medication for your knee pain or arthritis?
• Have you already had injections for your knee pain?
• Are you worried you will need knee surgery or maybe even a knee replacement?
• Have you already had knee surgery and it didn’t stop the pain?

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Over the years, I’ve seen how debilitating knee pain can be for my patients. Often knee pain begins gradually; you might notice having difficulty going up or downstairs or that it hurts to exercise or even just stand to do the dishes. Have you gone to a party but spent most of your time just sitting because of the pain in your knees? Have you stopped participating in the activities you love? Have you stopped playing hockey or golf, taking bike rides or walks with your loved ones? Have you stopped going out and seeing your friends or put on weight because you’re not exercising? 

I know it can be depressing because you’re not participating in life the way you want. Well, I believe I may have the solution for you. I’ve combined a revolutionary new device with all I’ve learned to specifically treat knee pain and knee arthritis and I am offering what, in my opinion, is the best option to reduce knee pain and increase function. If you want to avoid taking pain medicine, having injections and unnecessary knee surgery, this may be your best option.

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Let me tell you my story and why treating knee pain without drugs or surgery has always been a focus for me. When I was 28 years old, I played a sport called Ultimate Frisbee. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s sort of like soccer but with a frisbee and involves a lot of sprinting and cutting. You wear cleats and run on grass. I loved playing Ultimate and in fact, I met my beautiful wife of 29 years playing in a coed league. 

Anyway, I developed right knee pain and I really struggled to continue to play with the pain. I did stretches and rehab and finally put on a brace. Within a few months my left knee began to hurt as well. Nothing helped, in fact, it got so bad that out of desperation, I scheduled a surgical consultation with a top orthopedic surgeon. In fact he was at one time the orthopedic surgeon for the Canadian ski team. I thought surgery was the only option that would allow me to keep playing the sport I loved. He recommended surgery on both knees and I asked him to do them both at the same time. Additionally, since I avoid prescription medication at all costs, I convinced him to do the surgery with no anesthesia. (Well, we did use a local anesthesia injection in both knees.) While I was awake and watching the surgery, we were all amazed when he looked in with an arthroscopic camera and there was nothing torn. The problem was actually the alignment of my knees. 

So I studied everything I could find on knee dysfunction and what causes knee pain, swelling and eventually arthritis. I used all I learned and I became my own guinea pig. Eventually, I created some bold and unique treatment protocols that improved the alignment and function of my knees. It was a long journey but I did continue to play the sport I loved, competitively for 25 more years. Additionally, I competed in triathlons and still snow ski and continued to function at a very high level with little to no pain. The lessons and techniques I learned I have turned into what is, in my opinion, the most effective non-surgical, medication-free option for knee pain and arthritis. 

Now you’re probably wondering if this will work on you. 
Can I fix your knee pain and save you from knee surgery? 
Can this treatment protocol get you back to the activities you love?

To determine if you are a good candidate for our protocol, I’ll start by having you come in for an evaluation and possibly a digital x-ray of your knees. Aside from the typical orthopedic ligament and meniscus tests, we’ll also perform some functional tests to truly find out what’s causing your knees to malfunction and be painful. The examination I perform is very thorough and for patients that are a candidate, I will perform a trial treatment on the first visit - right there in the exam room. Patients whom I will be able to help will feel 50% to 80% better almost immediately - usually within about eight minutes. Amazing! There is usually no doubt. Both you and I will know if we can help you right away because your knee will feel better right away for the majority of patients we can help.

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This may be your best opportunity to avoid unnecessary drugs, injections and surgery! Don’t let the pain continue to disrupt your life! You can do something about it besides just take pain meds.

Call our office at 810-227-7799 to schedule an initial knee examination. If you’re a candidate I’m confident you will get relief right there on the first visit! What do you have to lose, besides the pain?!

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